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Prevention is the key to avoiding injuries and stopping ourselves getting burnt out. Having regular treatment helps us to maintain optimum health. I welcome the opportunity to support clients with , Repetitive Strain Injuries ( RSI) , Back and shoulder pain, Fibromyalgia and TMJ.


Treatments Available 

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Prevention is the key to avoiding injuries and stopping ourselves getting burned out. Having regular treatment helps us to maintain optimum health.We welcome the opportunity to support clients with fibromyalgia, arthritis, carpel tunnel, neck and back pain, RSI, TMJ, Frozen Shoulder, Sore and aching Shoulders and Migraine.


Helping to release muscle restrictions 



Myofascial Release treats fascial restrictions in the body. Every cell, every bone and every organ is covered in fascia, if the fascia is restricted in the body there will be tightness. Myofascial release truly treats the whole body ( both the emotional and physical). Using sustained pressure to eliminate restrictions and restore motion. Those suffering from restrictions or tightness anywhere in the body and the trauma related to it can benefit . .

Myofascial release treats fascia restrictions in the body



At this very special time in a woman’s life many changes happen to the body and pregnant women can often suffer from back pain, sore shoulders or carpel tunnel syndrome. 

From the first trimester onwards 


A Word from Our Clients

Marta - Marketing

She's got a real intuition for what your body needs and she listens to what you and your body tell her. She takes massage therapy to a whole new level

Camilla -journalist

I love her tailor-made combination of traditional hands-on massage with hot stones. It's quite unique."

Caroline - illustrator

I've been going to Jan for a few years now and think she's just an amazing therapist. 

Paul - electrician

I've been suffering from Tennis elbow for months. I've seen Jan for a course of treatments and I am getting back my range of motion and my pain has decreased  dramatically 

About Jan Wolsey

Jan has been practicing massage since the early 90's . Her studies have taken her worldwide and she frequently visits India and the USA to attend courses . She has worked with Opera singers at Glyndebourne , Horses and riders before competitions .She is one of only a handful of therapists to have traveled to the USA to study with John Barnes the pioneer of Myofascial Release to an advanced level. Please click below for more information about Jans training and how to contact her 

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